Salman Khan Niazi

Salman Khan Niazi is the Lead Vocalist and Songwriter, of the Multigenre Hindi / Fusion Rock Band ASTITVA and one half of the Dyanamic Duo ( SALMAN – ZAMAN ) .

Salman being a very simple person is known for his down to earth persona offstage. But this sweet boy is a livewire onstage. People close to him call him the time bomb. His energy is unmatchable.He makes sure that everybody in the crowd is dancing on ASTITVA’s tunes.
No wonder people call him the Captain of the ship.

Salman , apart from being a solid vocalist, is blessed with deep words as well. Majority of ASTITVA’s songs are being penned down by Mr. Salman Khan Niazi.

Apart from ASTITVA, Salman performs at Hindustani Classical festivals and Ghazal festivals as well.

Zaman Khan
Lead Guitarist

A versatile Guitarist, Music Composer and Music Producer. Better Known as the “Lead guitarist” of one of the most Premiere band of India “Astitva”. Being from the traditional family of musicians “Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana” he has the unique style of fusing the Indian classical ragas and melodies with his own western guitar techniques. Started playing guitar at the age of 10 and now making a mark all over the nation and overseas. “Zaman is among the youngest Endorsee of the Legendary Guitar Brand – FENDER”. His bright appearance on stage and total madness on the guitar indeed adds lots and lots of colors on stage which inspires lots of upcoming bands and musicians, Recently received the “Youth Icon award”

Ayush Gupta

“If music be the food of love, play on…” And therefore, he plays.

The backbone of Delhi’s renowned fusion band ‘Astitva’ , drummer Ayush Gupta started off as a tabla player during his school years. His passion for rhythm and dedication towards music has fetched him an array of achievements and accolades over the period of last 14 years. In 2005, he was awarded the Best Tabla Player of Bal Bharti Public School. In the following year, he appeared for annual examinations of table training and cleared his second year from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh with flying colours. During his graduation, Ayush shifted his focus to drums.

In 2009, Ayush cleared Grade 5 drumming examination from Rock School London and began to expand his horizons in the music circuit. Amongst the many feathers in his cap are stage performances with India’s finest Sarangi player, Murad Ali Khan, Ustad Imran Khan, Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Kamal Sabri and the Presidential awardee, Ustad Shakeel Ahmed Khan.

In 2013, Ayush further cleared Grade 8 drum examinations from Rock School London with a distinction. Furthermore, the young lad was honoured by National Daily Punjab Kesari as the Youth Icon of India.

Amit James
Bass Guitarist

Much like his name , he is boundless..
In warmth , goodness, music and fun. More so he is the heart of Astitva.

Amit James is the bass guitarist for Astitva but very few people know that he initially began his musical journey with drums. Yes , your favourite bassist is more talented than you know him to be. His exceptional talent and love for music started earning him laurels from a very young age. He won several competitions at school level and continued his pursuit further.
Amit is a grade 5 drummer from Rock School London.
He has been doing gigs as long back as 2003.
He has graced the stages for more than ten prominent artists and bands.
Before becoming an eminent figure among Astitva’s fabulous five in 2007 he had his share of music making for numerous artists in live performances.

As of date Amit has performed all over the country and abroad as well. He has won numerous accolades individually and along with the band. His ever increasing fanbase and his music speak for themselves.

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